as we lay in a tangle

of sheets,arms,legs,

blonde hair and black

panting through the waves of our after-lust

i understood with a finality beyond reason that

lust has morphed into love

into lust into love into lust

yet again and never-ending

this is the pattern of my life with you

neither money nor honor nor

bleeding hearts can keep

me from you now


Inspired by Three Word Wednesday.

This week’s prompts: Money, Tangled, Understood


10 thoughts on “changeling

  1. I really liked the phrase “with a finality beyond reason.” And “honor” made me curious.

    I didn’t make it by last week, but also went back and read your “aahhh spots” post.

    Welcome to 3WW.


  2. Thanks for the well wishes, Caroline and Gautami

    Markus, no need to be sorry…sometimes it begins that way.

    Thanks, Bone. 3WW has really helped me with discipline and structure…two concepts I need to work on. 🙂


  3. and that my dear,,, is the very essence of what i believe love to be… accept no less.. it will disappoint you every time….

    very beautifully told……


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