spontaneous combustion

cruising the streets
she hides her eyes behind
Jacki O. sunshades
her destination is waiting
with the flick of a match
and a lazy smile

sunspots on the glass flicker
her eyes now blurred but still
searching for
the whisp of grey smoke
that is the signal
of a fire that’s smoldering,

she steps from the car
(she is the spark)
and into his arms,
(he is the flame)
and they are
spontaneous combustion
in a searing white ball of fire

and they say it is illegal
to burn in the city


Today’s poem inspired by 3 Word Wednesday. The words are Blurred, Illegal, Match.

11 thoughts on “spontaneous combustion

  1. She is the spark…he is the flame

    Those lines make this poem for me. It takes it to the next level, making it more than just sensual but also enhancing the imagery.

    This poem will be included in the July Poetry collection at PWB, on July 13th. Thank you for being a member of PWB.


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