Bones’ writing prompts for today’s 3 Word Wednesday are “Deny~Smile~Uncomfortable”.

This one came easily to me today since I had been mulling some thoughts in my mind the last couple of days and the prompts fit in nicely. Thanks, Bone.



some days i’m happy and
i don’t give a fuck and
it’s easy to deny

some days i’m bitchy and
i ooz venom and
i’m uncomfortable in my
bones, in my skin, in my rage

some days i’m dreamy and peaceful

then i see you in my mind’s eye the

way it used to be and
i smile

and no matter how unconcerned
i feel on the happy days
or how venomous i feel on the bitchy days, i still
end up wanting when i think of you
on the peaceful days

9 thoughts on “cycles

  1. You detail the ups and downs and the changing screen of emtions. The narrator takes a philosophical tone, accepting the quickly changing emotional landscape. Who couldn’t relate to this humanity?


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