sitting on the levee
the moon rising higher and higher
into the sultry night
sky i look
down into
the river deep
flowing like bodies shifting
under black satin sheets
undulating sensually
the sound of  waves
lapping at the shore like the
intimate sounds of
tongue on flesh
air heavy and wet presses
on my body expectantly as
the night holds sway


Poem inspired by 3 Word Wednesday. Writing prompts:


This poem was featured on Poets Who Blog.

15 thoughts on “river

  1. It’s great the way you stretch the tension of the piece in the center with “stretching/ rising/ falling.” Add this to the way the air presses “expectantly” and the night is “waiting” and the poem takes on this strong sense of desire.


  2. If you don’t, you should write books. I mean, seriously. If your short work is this way, I can’t imagine what a longer piece would be.


  3. Thanks to all. I haven’t been feeling it too much lately so your kind words are giving me a lift!

    TC – No books for me. I don’t have the discipline or attention span, unfortunately.

    Nathan & Paisley, I’m rethinking the move. Will let you know.

    ls – yes, I noticed. Glad you’re back and I’ll be visiting your blog soon. Today will be a busy one though. But I’ll be there.

    The same to all of you. I can’t visit as much as I’d like but I do so enjoy all your poetry.



  4. Zouxzoux, haven’t seen anything new on here in a while. Have you completed your move yet? If so, please send me the link. 🙂
    Hope all has been well with you!


  5. This is very nice. I like the obvious and apparent sensuality. The images are very powerful and the river reference is great. My favorite” black satin sheets” and “tongue on flesh”


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