purple,green, gold

she joined the rabble rousers
in a street dance of abandon
on a night made of fantasy

purple, green, gold
jesters and skeletons and
dominatrix with a whip

fleur de lis and masked revelers
drunken wet kisses, blonde hair
in disarray, eyes glazed with

desire, to be, to love
to live
dancing on a tabletop

in a room of pulsing light
and gyrating bodies
that validate her

wild and secret nature
for one night, in one place
suspended forever in her psyche

3 Word Wednesday:

6 thoughts on “purple,green, gold

  1. I could feel the passion and intoxicating excitement of this evening…I remember some of those days when I was much, much younger. lol…thank you for a lovely read! (and some wonderful memories)


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