she rambles along
a path of stars
her hair a halo of
static electricity
eyes the color of storm
clouds obscuring the moon

she doesn’t ponder the past
her denial is genuine
and her heart is true
yet she walks in her sleep
and her spirit is coiled into
itself by acquiescence

so her eyes struggle to see
her hair whips her face wildly
her heart thumps like planets
exploding and her spirit stretches
out ever so deliberately



The 3 Word Wednesday prompts are:

7 thoughts on “erato

  1. This is a solid piece. One I could well come back to. One I enjoy not because it cleverly uses the 3WW prompts.

    Great imagery. It reminds me in feel and taste of W.B. Yeats. It has an otherworldly edge and both an intense lyrical passion and inner life.


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