3ww12 Today’s prompts at Three Word Wednesday are


she walks over treacherous
waters dark and deep as
the demon wind whips her body
with efficient, immoral intent

but her balance is sure
and her journey a calling
eyes, heart and mind are
focused to optimize her
crossing through the banshee wind

with truth as her ally
and perseverence her confidant
she will reach the shore
of the rising pure sun and
she will be vindicated

9 thoughts on “Duplicity

  1. very fantasy-like..brings to mind Liv Tyler in the Lord of the Rings – don’t know why – you don’t say anything about robes, but I’m sure she’s wearing them.


  2. I was fascinated by this but I didn’t understand the title as it relates to the poem.
    I loved the image of a banshee wind … although it did repeat the word “wind” from the first stanza.
    This poem makes me want to know more about the woman … if it *is* a woman and not some sort of force, like truth.
    Nicely done.


  3. Thanks for all of your great comments – it’s interesting read the varying impressions.

    This is a poem about a woman who was betrayed by someone she thought would stand behind her. Hence, the title. But the story is far from being over….


  4. this gave me a feeling of strength and conviction. I love when that happens! great imagery, and nicely written. thanks! -Meg


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