3ww12 Today’s prompts at Three Word Wednesday are


rigid skyscrapers protrude into flocculent

storm clouds lying low over the city

in a dreary embrace of opposing greys


the first timid drops are miniscule explosions,

raising an areola of steam into the air

producing that distinctive smell


that rain creates when wetting

dry earth and concrete that’s lain in the

summer sun too long without moisture


as the storm builds our bodies entwine,

the sweat from your brow falling on my breast

on my stomach, on my thighs


the stone that i have been for time without end

absorbs the moisture and is transformed into

a softer, yielding, enveloping vessel


fill me up

14 thoughts on “water

  1. loved the feeling this gave me. one suggestion would be to tighten this line, “summer sun too long without moisture”, maybe “scorching summer sun too long” or “blazing summer sun”, something like that maybe.

    evokes a lot of passion, this one does. -Meg


  2. Thanks, all.

    I like your suggestion, Meg. I actually deleted “hot” from the summer sun line…I’m always afraid I’m using too many adjectives. Some poetry I read with a lot of adjectives comes off as too deliberate to me. 🙂 I strive for natual. Good criticism, though. Keep it coming!


  3. terribly sensual. I know the smell you’re describing. I’ve spent a lot of time in the desert, and there’s that distinctive smell of the dust anticipating the rain in very much the way you’ve described the MC anticipating her lover’s touch. Very nicely done.


  4. Thank you Thom, quin & pjd.

    pdj, that is an indescribable smell, isn’t it? Living in NoLA I don’t often experience it but it rained a week or so ago & I happened to be in my garden when the fist drops fell. It had been dry for a while and that smell just permeated my senses. That little moment is what inspired this verse.


  5. I love this one, and particularly appropriate for this time of year! “The sweat from your brow falling on my breast” — very sensual.


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