Greek Revival

3ww121Today’s prompts at Three Word Wednesday are

Decay~ Graceful ~Riot

Greek Revival

We made love in the living room

lying in front of the fireplace on my

grandmother’s quilt  The air smelled

of sweet decay, an aura surrounding us

of genteel  ladies taking tea in another time

their  legs pressed gracefully together

chastely hidden

And I in this time

freely spread my legs akimbo

for you. A tribute to those genteel

ladies for whom such a

riot of  decadent sexual freedom

was only a dream

8 thoughts on “Greek Revival

  1. Stan, dreams do come true.

    Thank you, Thom. Although this is fantasy, it was based on a particular feeling. You get it, as always.

    Perfect response, Asleep, just perfect.

    Thanks you, Melissa. Romance is important sometimes to enhance the sex, no?


  2. You set the scene very nicely here. “The air smelled of sweet decay” possibly does more for the ambience than any of the other details. I love how you appeal to the senses we often forget. 🙂

    This is the perfect tribute for those older generations. It also reminds me of our sisters living *today,* in less accepting worlds. I can’t help but feel for them, but you touch upon a thought I love to entertain — that sex is, in many ways, perhaps the truest celebration of life. Great work!


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