Delaronde Street

3ww121 The prompts for yesterday’s Three Word Wednesday were


This week I’ve also submitted this poem to readwritepoem 2907579219_5bf0dbceb9_owhere the prompt was to write something inspired by a news headline. My poem is inspired by a headline from the online site for WWOZ, my favorite local radio station.

delaronde street

by late august we’ve become

accustomed to the noise of the

locusts singing their mating song of  hope

the calls rise and fall in tandem

with the breeze  that blows over

our bodies as

we lie together in the hammock

the gnarly  limbs of an ancient oak

like a cradle around the balcony and

we the  not-so-innocent babes

within it’s protective embrace

softly we swing holding our

glasses of gin and tonic the cold

sweat of the glass dripping

on breasts and chest then

vanishing into skin that still

glows with the flush of sex

the rustling leaves of the palmettos

heighten the strains of  Irvin’s

Othello and Desdemona wafting

through the french doors and

I hum along too lazy and sated

to talk eyes languidly watching

the whir of the ceiling fan

In the midst of the fading afternoon

the mournful horn of The Natchez

fractures our reverie and we

smile because it’s another reminder

of why we are so content in

this city by the river


“Delaronde Street” was published in the January 2010 issue of The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature.

16 thoughts on “Delaronde Street

  1. from Therese RWP — I admire so many aspects of this “reverie” poem — its easy cascading flow, its clusters of similar images, its sustained theme of sound (locusts, song, hum, rustle), its seasonal relevance to August, its lovely ending. Right now as I read this poem, I’m hearing loud insect buzzings outside!


  2. Thank you so much,everyone. I feel so fortunate that y’all enjoyed my amateur attempt at describing this fantasy of mine. For, it is a fantasy – one I would love to have come true one day! 🙂

    My mind is a bit preoccupied right now with the 4th anniversary of Katrina tomorrow but I will visit all of y’all. I’m sure I will enjoy and learn from everyone’s work.

    Again, thank you.


  3. Thank you Wayne,Nathan and Mark. It’s the male species that inspires me, as you can tell. 🙂

    BTW – if anyone is interested, the line
    “the strains of Irvin’s

    Othello and Desdemona wafting

    through the french doors”

    refers to Irvin Mayfield’s tune “Othello & Desdemona” from his CD “How Passion Falls”. You can hear a little snippet on Basin Street Records:


  4. you stir the paint of your delicious images and emotions – oh how eyes follow the drips from your glass to there lovely destination…

    David in Maine USA


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