Prompt #92: Word Gems

The words I chose from the prompt are  in italics. Thanks to Jessica for these inspiring words. You may read other poet’s offerings here.


Down the hill her eyes

dance glancing over

the clover inhaling the scent

of sweet alison – the ocean

glimmers the beautiful

beryl of Irish eyes and

the sky, the sea, the earth

manifests as a confection

to her senses

Daily life is as pushing

stone up a cliff

but nature is a plum

ripe and glorious in it’s

burst of flavor, a remedy

to her bereft senses and

at the end of the working day…

a feast.

13 thoughts on “ÍDE

  1. Daily life is pushing a stone up a cliff – a very nice image – it works well to then give the reader a rest at the end of the poem.


  2. I like how the scene because of its delicate beauty becomes a delicacy, something to be consumed that is not in fact consumed, but remains, intact, to be enjoyed again.


  3. Oh my, David, you take my breath away! Thank you.

    “Lovely feminine perfumed warmth “….rallentanda, you flatter me, I love it!

    Thanks to all for your kind words and for visiting here where you are always welcome.

    Good to see you on RWP also, Tumblewords.
    Yes, gautami, I like to think I’m evolving. 🙂 Thanks for the validation.


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