solar plexis


Photo by Thomas Hawk

2907579219_5bf0dbceb9_oRead Write Poem prompt #94’s challenge is to create a piece based on the above photo. We were also asked to leave a reflection or idea in the comment section of what the photo might signify to us. This was my comment:

I’m intrigued by the dark spot on the solar plexis of the vague white figure. The solar plexis chakra signifies psychic intuition or a sense of “knowing”. The fact that the spot is black instead of yellow might indicate the red figure – which is sharply focused – is attempting to “bleed” or suck the psychic energy from the white figure.

This is my poem.

solar plexis

It was the knowing that

drew them inexorably together

she possessed and he needed

she was centered and he, twisted

his spirit had shriveled from the

strength of his bitterness, from

years of obsession and suspicion

that depleted his strength, rendering

his knowing impotent

but in her he sensed a fullness

a deep intuition and true spirit

in a calculated ploy, he moved

in for the pillage

17 thoughts on “solar plexis

  1. I have to admit I missed the blue dot on the white figure. It was important to you. There seemed to me to be a counterpoint of good and evil in this poem. Then your conclusion left me with one oft used phrase echoing in my mine: “Isn’t that just like a man?” I have a wife and two daughters, I’m trapped. Love the poem.


  2. I really like the ending here. It’s both appropriate and so unexpected. I also like the implications of the solar plexus as an umbilical, womb-like place, something that gives her fullness and centers her, and also provides an ironic common point for their being joined.


  3. Julie, I did have someone in mind when I wrote this so it seems we have a shared experience.

    Donald, thank you. It’s interesting…that blue dot just kept pulling me in.

    Mark, yes exactly: homing in on his victim. Although the genders could def be vice versa.

    Paul, lmao! I did pillage as well, didn’t I?!

    David, very well said. Thank you!


  4. Zouxzoux! I so wish I were able to visit you on WordPress more often. This is amazing. I actually saw the psychic drain deepening in her solar plexus when I hit those last few lines — “pillage” is the perfect word. Makes me feel like I need an auric cleansing. 😉


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