Those Damn Kids

This prompt on ReadWritePoem challenged us to write a poem comprised of any or all of a set of words taken from email spam.  I wrote the words randomly on a sheet of paper, began  putting them together by two’s (kinda like a puzzle) and the poem ended up writing  itself. This was really fun and I ended up using all 15 words of the prompt and only 9 others.

Those Damn Kids
Insolent progeny

exploded language into a

vehement croak with

vowelized chelations, exulting

cosmoramic & irresistable.

Alas, their investment beget

a thrasher of a

capricious reprobate.

12 thoughts on “Those Damn Kids

  1. I like the way you get a nice cadence out of these polysyllabic words, which isn’t easy to do. Great ironic title too.


  2. I really enjoyed the title of your poem, it says everything. You put the words together effectively and economically, Zouxzoux. Thank you for this enjoyable overview of our youth. =D


  3. Hey Z! Don’t live in NO but, I’ll see you at Pascal’s Manale one of these days. I’ll be the suave deboner devil at the oyster bar with several large martinis shaken not stirred) and a stack of sliders. I think you and Derrick are commiserating. You obviously have endured an assault of the unruly. You know it takes training to be insolent progeny. Smiles to you, I like your poem.


  4. Well weren’t y’all buzy little poets while I was at work today!
    I appreciate each and every comment & all who stopped by to visit today.
    I try to keep up with the current urban verbiage but, well ya know, those damn kids keep mixing it up on us!

    Donald, I’ll match your martini’s & erstas and raise ya ten (or so!) Only you’ll have to go to Casamento’s with me for the best ersta’s in town. 🙂

    Cynthia, you got it goin on, girl. You’ll have no prob with this technique. 🙂

    I’ll be visiting all y’all in the next few days…can’t wait to read everything.


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