The prompts for this week’s Three Word Wednesday are

incubate ~ nightmare ~ vanity









music played….
the sweet thrum of the guitar
the gentle sigh of the violin
the lilting lightness of the flute

but he didn’t listen
encouraging silence to incubate

music played….
the sensual wail of the saxophone
the full stridency of the trumpet
the rhythmic beat of the bass drum

but he didn’t listen
with a vanity that shunned pleasure

in a city pulsing with music
he didn’t listen

and the nightmare that
was his spirit turned
to stone



The photo is a close up I took of a frieze on a pavilion in Audubon Park, New Orleans.

14 thoughts on “Frieze

      1. Wondrous place is NOLA, and I could fashion living there. Perhaps in some other life, not the one I’m happily living. A couple of spare weekends there were enough to confirm what I have received through its music so many years ago and throughout. I love its music, its cuisine, its funky Big Easy drawl. So lucky you to be in it. I’ll be happy to share its magic wherever you might paint it in words. Looking forward to it!


  1. I love this. I like the repetitive structure of the instruments and the adjectives you chose. And I love the last two stanzas. Beautiful and sad.


    1. I wrote the poem around the image. His face looks haunted to me and with the horns around his face I just felt he missed out on all the wonderful music in life. This photo was taken in our beautiful Audubon Park.


  2. (Continuing my little catching up.) What a wonderful response to the prompt!

    A stunning poem by any measure. The play of living music to unresponsiveness is beautifully expressed, even so, making the closing lines all the more intense. And magnified yet more by the poem’s closing itself, perhaps the second most terrible fate. Reading, I could feel the very texture of the images – three dimensional, as that carving in stone!

    A real keeper!!


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