Toxic Karma

3ww121 The prompts for today’s Three Word Wednesday are

karma ~ obey ~ wither.

Toxic Karma

When a spirit is smothered

throughout a lifetime,

the heart turns to stone

the soul withers and

the body becomes an abandoned

decayed shell devoid of  light

Some will say this is karma,

that Moirai did not look

kindly upon this soul at birth,

this life of sorrow, measured

by moments of fear,

intimidation and hopelessness,

together at birth they

spun, measured and cut

a toxic karma  for a soul who

believes that to obey is the

only hope for evolution, while he

waits in agony for  the quick cut

of Atropos’ shears

and sweet, dark oblivion

7 thoughts on “Toxic Karma

  1. There is an interesting dichotomy to this poem. This person’s karma seems written by the Fates. Fate implies an inevitability to a life, while karma assumes a souls actions as instrumental. Perhaps the Morai consider the karma of a souls previous life? But that life, too, would have been written by the Morai? You’ve got me thinking………


    1. As the Goddesses of Fate, the Moirai ordains a person’s life path at birth. A person whose believes in this definition of Karma (Greek mythology) rightly feels he has no power over his own path, that it is predetermined. Fate might imply an inevitability to a life, as you say, but what is the quality of that life? Maybe he just perseveres a life of struggle day by day anticipating the freedom he expects from Atropos’ shears – cutting him loose to a better life next time around.


      1. I think the quality of life for a fatalist is acceptance, or the extent of ones acceptance. The leap of faith for this person is the expectation of reincarnation. Which is not a concept that I am familiar with in Greek/Roman mythology (not that we have to constrain our thinking to that!). He could also hope to be judged positively in the afterlife, moving to the peace of heaven on not the Underworld. Nonetheless, his wishing for the mercy of Atropos shears is a tragedy. And your depiction of it here is powerful.


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