Perceptions From REM

“The structure of dreams makes for lousy poetry — the associational and tangential but linear structure of the form is so overdetermined.”

With Read Write Prompt #100 poet Bruce Covy challenged us to write a poem inspired or mined from our dreams. I was excited by this prompt because only a week or so earlier I had awakened from a dream with a phrase echoing in my head and I felt compelled to write it down. It became the first line in this poem. Each line thereafter has come from a phrase or image remembered from a subsequent nights’ dream. This is really a departure from my usual style of writing so I’m quite anxious to hear what y’all think. Poems from other RWP participants can be found here.

japanese plum blossom
Japanese Plum Blossom from my back garden ~ 2008

Perceptions From REM

She was either schizo or

just plain manipulative

She lived her life

between the lines

With a juicy orange Japanese

plum in her mouth

She had a talking dog named


who only ever said

“I want my mamma”

Visions of dead kittens

and writhing insects made

her scream wordlessly at night

Interlopers criticized the

cleanliness of her kitchen

Still, the girl from Gentilly with

the pouty painted lips urged,

“come out!”

16 thoughts on “Perceptions From REM

  1. I like this because I think it successfully manages to weave together disparate details (which are what one expects from/in a dream) so as to make them somehow sensible or “whole” in the person described, so that we are intrigued, even concerned about her circumstances.


  2. I enjoyed your poem. It is about someone living an edgy existence. You have included some very tactile imagery, the “juicy orange plum” and the “writhing insects”. People like your dream girl to seem to be manipulative, don’t they? This was an interesting read Zouxzoux. Thanks.


  3. Thanks to all for your comments. This has been a dream journey I found interesting…it all seems to revolve around speech and the mouth. Hmmmmm….oral fixation? LOL!


  4. I enjoyed the musicality and “beat” feeling of “Perceptions from REM.”

    By the way, I’m near Pensacola and have a writer’s cottage on an old bay lot that’s loaded with loquat trees — love to watch the crows sit on a branch eating them.


    1. The squirrels like the one in my backyard. It’s just putting out new blossoms now and ya know how the honey bees love that! I *love* Pensacola – lots of good summer memories there. Thanks for stopping by!


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