Tooting My Horn

Two of my poems, Delaronde Street and Purple, Green, Gold, have been published in the January issue of The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature. I feel very, very fortunate that they were chosen to be published, especially since this was my first submission to any publication. Alas, I have received a rejection from another online ezine since, but, onward and upward I say!

Link:  The Dead Mule/Poetry

4 thoughts on “Tooting My Horn

  1. I am so very pleased for you Charlotte. Both of them are some typical (a good thing here!) of your oft so very physical face in writing poems. (Read sensual, read sexual, what I mean.) Don’t know New Orleans even though half my blood is Arkansas, not too far apart. But I appreciate what more you allow us to sense of your town through your poems.

    Always, the best for you and your town!


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