If They Can Do It, So Can I

I got a book of poems in the mail today.
I must have ordered it online one
night when I was drunk. It’s from a small
press nobody ever heard of in New York. I
opened it and began reading.

The first poem was seven pages long – seven pages! –
I skipped it after reading laboriously through
the first two. I skipped the next two poems
by the same writer – he talks too much and
says nothing.

I began reading each poem one after the
other, moving to the next after only reading
a stanza or two. Does anybody write poetry
that makes sense anymore?

Quickly I came to the last poem – apparently
they saved the best for last, and that ain’t sayin
much. It’s only redeeming value is it had the word
“fuck” in every stanza but two and it made sense.

When I finished I tossed the book on the coffee
table and thought “Into the fucking Salvation Army
pile for you.”

That last poem made an impression.

5 thoughts on “If They Can Do It, So Can I

  1. i struggle too with the very long one (maybe ore to read than to write them – have to check one day in how many pages my longest will go, i don’t think more then 2 but..)

    not all book are great but they give as a comparison.
    and a possibility to do good 😉


  2. If I have to struggle to read something, I don’t. Time is too precious to me. But you’re right about comparisons, Dhyan, and this book did indeed reinforce my opinion that just because one is published doesn’t mean one is talented. 🙂


    1. How does one choose a volume of poetry? Actually, I rarely buy physical books of poetry. I’m a avid online reader, perusing the blogs of poets I meet online through prompt sites like Read Write Poem and 3 Word Wednesday, finding other poets through their blogrolls. I bookmark the poets I like and read them regularly through google-reader and on their actual websites.

      I’m feeling kind of bad now that I disparaged the book of poetry I talk about here. Everyone’s work is important to themselves as poets and to those who like what they’ve written. I’m not a sophisticated reader which is probably why I don’t enjoy poetry that makes no sense to me….. thoughts that have no cohesiveness are so much fluff in the wind. Of course, this is a purely subjective opinion.

      So, I guess the bottom line is that there’s something for everyone out there and that’s a good thing. 🙂


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