your mouth spews
forth verbiage like a hacksaw
tearing through ancient pulp.
sonofabitch’s and goddammit’s
fly through the air swift as buckshot
slamming into the wall, so many
bits of lubricious life force
cracking like eggshells pecked
by thieving crows.

your zealous display detonates like red
bursting veins and eyeballs popping,
provoking frosted looks in the urbane and
wide eyes of panic in the timorous. You are
oblivious to the stir you’ve created,
being so into your life is drama/drama is life –
not that you’d care anyway. As for me,
well, milquetoast has never held any
fascination for me.


Poem inspired by readwritepoem prompt #114: all over the map which challenged us to use some (or all) of the words in the wordle to the left. There were some great words suggested but, in reading them all together, I got the distinct impression of a murder mystery so I tried to go in another direction. My eye instinctively  went first to the “s” and the topmost word “patter”, giving me the title for this piece.

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16 thoughts on “spatter

  1. Love how you roll the words together. I can hear the profanity hit the wall. The ending is a nice twist. I’ve known and loved quite a few characters like this.


  2. zouxzoux, I was quite taken with the visual image of blue language flying like the bits that are sent flying when one uses a saw. My favorite lines are:

    your zealous display detonates like red
    bursting veins and eyeballs popping,


  3. Liz and Paul, it’s so weird how the vision of a hacksaw chewing through a tree and the cuss words hitting the wall (spatter) occurred to me out of nowhere. Actually the poem was written for the title which is something I’ve never done before.

    TW – milquetoast has it’s place in the world. Just not with me. 😉

    Thanks, Wayne, and thanks for stopping by.


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