a glimpse through the drizzle
standing on the stoop
inherent sexuality generates
burning shivers and a quickening
of the blood – a tease of what
was and wants to be again but
ends with a light kiss
meager recompense for a life


Poem inspired by 3 Word Wednesday.

Photo of double shotgun in the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans by me.

15 thoughts on “stolen

  1. Probably as well that I’ve never been to New Orleans. Else what a choice to carry on, so much as I also love this great Pacific coast of mine.

    Your poem (beautifully expressed) along with the photograph remind me of some many slightest of encounters, walking down the streets, and faces of faces or faces of houses like this one here, and I wonder if a life was really well met and realized. So many windows of paradise so close at hand, so much I wonder and pray they were well received, all these lives of us. (Shamefully here, I use more words than your poem does!) You have a good hand for elemental feelings Zouxzoux!


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