I dreamed of your kiss
last night.
When I awoke and remembered
it brought tears to
my eyes.
The pre-dawn’s frail light
and the call of a
single bird
caused a hunger between
my breasts
as I lay in my bed caught
in a sacred nether-world of
memory and desire.

Time has a way of
dimming memory
blunting desire, I’m told.

I wait for that day.


This poem inspired by ReadWritePoem prompt #116 and  this week’s Three Word Wednesday prompts:


27 thoughts on “Amaze

    1. I’ve been thinking how to respond to your query of why I might want the good things blunted.
      It’s because those good things are gone, never to return no matter how much I want it. I look forward to the day I can remember without the pain, that’s all.
      Thanks for your comment, Dhyan. And I really like your blog.


      1. i get that notion – it is very true.. i like to think of it in terms of no attachment. the capability to hold something any yet be unattached to it. i think this should work for the good and bad things memories and experiences in life.. we are but a travellers here, come with nothing go with nothing… but we learn, and we can let the beauty radiant and the bad things remind us but with non attachment we can go on living the moment

        thank you very much for your answer – much appreciated (and your kind words)


  1. How moving, Zouxzoux! I love the phrasing of “a sacred nether-world of
    memory and desire.” And the way the call of a bird evokes such strong longing for the absent one is very strong. Beautiful!


  2. Amaze is amazing too, or twice I mean. Lovely words (and what all do we mean by that) (lovely how?, I suppose). They are (and words simple as, nothing scholarly remote), and it is (a poem, as close as your breath). Reading (is it only me?) that seems the slightest breeze might lean the meaning a whole other way (and in truth, it did), and that’s the way I went with it.

    How interesting that same-words can become twice meaning like this. Not even opposites, too harsh a thought, but like left-hand right-hand, more like that.

    Like if those were tears of recognition, deeply glad remembrance, then too is hunger and desire also welcome (better than an empty life) and the ending a bold statement, that some say, memory will dim, but not me, not yet (waiting defiant of that fate), standing ground, a beating heart. (Only on second glance, did I see, yes also sad, taken another way.)

    Aren’t reflections interesting, left and right (or left and write)? Thanks Zouxzoux!


  3. This is simply beautiful and heart-wrenching. Reading this poem was one of those experiences where you see your own feeling brought to life by somebody else’s words. I read it again and again and it never ceases to stir something in me. Well done.


  4. Thanks to all for your comments and points of view. I literally woke up this morning experiencing the feelings and emotions as described and scribbled it all down, not knowing if it would work out as poetry or junk. I guess it’s poetry when great writers like yourselves enjoy it. Thanks, darlins.


  5. Erica, wow. What a compliment – thank you!
    Dee, TW, Tim & Paul: I’m so glad if these words have touched you in some way. Thank you for visiting.


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