August & April

August & April

I have no poetry in me.

It’s been sucked out by creeping
oily blackness and looming
anniversaries. My head thrums
with a dull ache deep in the lining
of my brain, buried in the neurons
and electrons that spark anew
with each slimy image and
watery recollection.

Frown lines furrow my forehead as
if marked by oil laden wings dragged
through the sand. The tic in my left
eye jerks like the beat of frantic fists
on attic timbers.

I have no poetry in me.


I started this poem about a week ago and finished it last night with Big Tent Poetry’s prompt in mind. Guest poet Nathan Landau inspired us to write a poem based on steganography, or incorporating a “secret message” into our words. He says, “The beauty is in the message being truly hidden in plain sight.” Can you guess the subject of my secret message in plain sight?

More poetry inspired by this prompt can be found at Big Tent Poetry.

18 thoughts on “August & April

  1. Relating frown lines to oil drenched wings being dragged through the sand is excellent imagery (not that the suffering of wildlife is a good thing!). So many people have been left bereft by the oil spill.


  2. Thanks to everyone who has commented and for your good wishes for the Gulf Coast. I’m praying hard every day that the cap holds until the relief wells can take over. Maybe the end is in sight.

    Thanks to Whirlwind Publishing for the link to this post also. You gave me a big smile with that one!


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