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  1. Congrats!

    They published mine a little ways down from yours (“A Full Page Ad in the Des Moines Register’s Sunday Travel Section Praising the Fine Climate for Poets in Florida:
    Paid for by a Generous Donation from BP That in No Way Represents an Admission of Liability”).

    Yet, I am sorry to say, despite our poems, the Gulf is still messed up (I offered to let them plug the hole with my rejection letters) and I have not yet been recognized as g enius.

    Oh well.

    As a New Orleans writer, are you writing something for the upcoming (August 29) Hurricane Katrina anniversary?


    1. Christopher,
      Loved your poem – really straight to the point. Besides the “looming anniversaries” and “frantic fists on attic timbers” references in August & April, I’ve only written one other poem, called Disparity. It’s here: https://zouxzoux.wordpress.com/2010/03/18/disparity/

      I’m having trouble collecting my thoughts enough to write anything coherent down regarding the anniversary. But, I have another blog- a group blog – where we’ve been posting photos of New Orleans neighborhoods, counting down to the anniversary. Maybe you’d like to check it out. Link: http://nolafemmes.com/

      Thanks for your comments. I hope you’ll visit again although I’m not sure when I’ll be posting again. 🙂 Oh! I see you have a website. I’ll be visiting.


    1. Thank you. I’ve just finished some reading on your site & have decided I must go out and buy Surrealist Love Poems. I confess the poetry world is new to me and I have so much to learn. Now that I’m officially a non-working woman I hope to have more time to read.


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