Green and golden leaves flutter

in the breeze – sun bears down

in stripes between stands of bamboo as

shadows fall on golden pears  ripened in the

waning  days of September. Squirrels nudge

fruit with noses of inquiry and voracity,

feast, then sprint away with gaits unwieldy.

Poem inspired by Three Word Wednesday CCVII.

12 thoughts on “Transpose

  1. Think I might be inclined or disposed, gladly willing, to take this poem, Transpose, by several hands of meaning here. As it is, all delightful enough, what sunlight and squirrels will do. Plump and ripe all around. And that last phrase, “gaits unwieldy” is a beautiful leap to end the poem. All good, all good.

    Yet there also might be something of another Spring in September here. Leastwise that’s what I also feel. And it is also a matter of the greater context too, quite literal I mean. Just as the poem and photo both reflect each other, maybe the muse as well. (I’m willing to be wrong, to be reading more than is, but I’ll adopt your poem, and hope my feelings speak accurately.) Just as the sun only shines, each new day, ripe again. I’ll tend that hope, shall I Charlotte?

    And it is a beautiful lush header photograph you’ve also given us. Thanks.


  2. Thank you all and know I plan to visit your blogs as well – it’s just been a crazy couple of days here!

    Neil, you are as usual quite perceptive. Special thanks for your lovely thoughts and, yes, do tend that hope. 🙂
    Thanks for noticing the photo and the new header, both taken in my back yard this week.


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