Enduring Love Is An Art

Spice, grounded in character

Imagine the backyard do-over,
loving, strong relationship
on the floor.
Together for love and fun –
Complexities, nuances
driven to enduring sadness
mixed with praise overflowing.
Different people.
Extraordinary together.
That’s the reward.

This is the third poem I’ve written using Austin Kleon’s newspaper blackout technique. I really like this technique…it’s a bit like solving a puzzle as I look through an article searching for words to form into a poem that means something to me. I have to be really careful not to tap too much into or recreate the actual article itself. That’s the challenge!

I took the photo in March 2009 at a NoLA Rising paint party in the St. Roch neighborhood of New Orleans. I don’t know if this couple was actually together but I thought this scene of him dusting off her feet was quite adorable. I edited the original color photo in PicNik making it mostly black & white but with a tinge of color for his striped vest and the drinks.

13 thoughts on “Enduring Love Is An Art

  1. Interesting, I’m definately going to have to try this technique out sometime. It looks like a good way to get out of a rut. I’ll most certainly be reading more of your work.

    Also, thank you for the wonderful comment you left on my blog. It mean’t a lot to me to hear someone say that.


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