Pushin’ the Blue Happy

Pushin’ the Blue Happy

Sun baked vinyl, twenty years
of dust
Do you smell it?
Smells like Freedom

She turns the key, pops the
clutch and stomps the black
Power, riding the Blue Happy
down a red strip of lightening

“Gotta keep on pushin’ , mamma, cause you know they’re runnin’ late”

One hundred ten pounds on two feet
reigns over the Power, with a grin
of Delight she turns the corner

“Without love, where would you be now?”

~ ~ ~

Thanks to Three Word Wednesday and Magpie Tales for the prompts that inspired this journey down  memory lane. Please click the links for more poetry from other poets.

15 thoughts on “Pushin’ the Blue Happy

  1. ZouxZoux,
    I have found your poetry blog, via Poets United.

    I just loved the feel of freedom, power and energy from the words of this wonderful poem.
    I heard the beat of the music. So alive….

    Welcome to Poets United,
    Best wishes, Eileen


  2. Thank you all for visiting and commenting on this piece. It was written about my first car, an old blue Dodge Dart, that truly did represent freedom for this lil country girl. 🙂

    Dick, I wondered who might comment on the song lyrics! That 8-track was in my player all that summer and I always think of that song when I think of the Blue Happy.

    Eileen, thank you so much for the welcome! I’m looking forward to many happy hours spent with Poet’s United.


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