I walk the back garden dark on
a foggy, mysterious night in
the city of my dreams Water
droplets glisten and drip from
the magnolia leaves and the
air is moist and earthy.
So quiet.
I hear only the haunting,
lonely,sound of foghorns on
the river echoing songs of demise,
of homesick, melancholy chattal
who once upon a time stood chained
to a deck staring into her murky, roiling
waters What secrets does she hold
beneath her silent surface, what ghosts
wander her banks in this night
that stands so still. If we make
the effort can we look back
into time, can we step back
through a wrinkle in the ages
of this ancient land in a revival
of the long lost to memory.
It’s right there in front of us but
of reach.


Poem inspired by Three Word Wednesday CCXVII.

9 thoughts on “Eidolon

  1. Thanks, everyone.

    Yes, Dick, I took the photo. I live a block from the Mississippi and this is the view across the river from my place. This is the Chalmette Battle field and monument where the Battle of New Orleans was fought. In this view you can see Beauregard House and the monument. Also on site is The Chalmette National Cemetery, final resting place to fallen Civil War soldiers from both sides.


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