Hatred Is A Bad Thing


St. Louis Cemetery No.1


Hatred Is A Bad Thing

I keep your friendship
in a green and white book
between pages of occasional
notations and scribbles
of poetry.

I keep your friendship
on my c drive in a folder
of photographs next to
the one I value most.

I keep your friendship
on my contacts menu
and sometimes I pause
there for a moment when
scrolling through.

I keep your friendship
way in the back of my
mind where it only comes
to the forefront at unexpected
times like now.

Yours is the only friendship I lost on purpose.



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13 thoughts on “Hatred Is A Bad Thing

  1. I like the way you phrase “only friendship I lost on purpose…”

    this encapsulates the entire piece

    thanks for sharing your excellence with One Shot



  2. love the take on social media and how true it is…our relationships have become so easy to ignore and to delete…a real wake up in this piece…thank you..bkm


  3. Thanks to all. This is a friendship I lost/ended (it was mutual) a couple of years ago and it keeps popping up electronically. Somehow I can’t bring myself to delete it entirely although I did recently delete it from my cell.


  4. I’ve been spending the last hour perusing your posts. Since I also do a poetry and photography blog, I am happy to find someone doing this so well.

    In this poem, the unexpected emergence of past friendships is something we can always relate to. The harshness of the last line delivers a poignant opposition to the feelings and images that are evoked by the preceding verses. It’s good to be jarred. Well done.


  5. i like this – not discarding but conveniently placing a relationship where we know again you will run across it in a moment of surprise…bkm


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