Milk For Free

The last time she wore
fur-lined gloves scuttling
grey clouds flew across
the sky as fast as
the muddy waters of
the river flowed beneath.
She stood on the bank
contemplating desire and
indifference and how one
could change to the other
as quickly as clothing
falls to the floor.

Silence wrapped its’ fickle
arms around her.

Conquest curled its’ lip.



I didn’t think I’d have any poetry in me until the new year but The Muse came out when I saw the visual prompt for this week’s Magpie Tales.

7 thoughts on “Milk For Free

  1. Zouxzoux,

    This shares its drive: image with ‘oppositional idea’. The duality of gloves matches sky/river, desire/indifference, fickle(satisfying?)silence/snarly conquest.

    Good stuff!



  2. The image of clothing falling to the floor as indifference could change to desire, or vice versa, is complemented so beautifully with the idea in the photo, with the way that clouds move in and out of our landscape and change our mood.


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