Step 1

Photo by Mike Roemer

Step 1

I was that girl once
Tipsy from cocktails I really
didn’t like but they worked
their magic after a couple of
glasses and made me
It gave me bravado I
never had sober, never mind
it was all a lie – who knew?

I was that girl once
Languidly blowing smoke through
pursed red lips as I twirled
my long hair between my fingers
laughing seductively into
Brown eyes
Blue eyes
Green eyes
heady with feminine guile and
voluptuous omnipotence I
never had in the light of day
It was all a guise but they didn’t care.

I was that girl once
until one night the illusion
ruptured in a primal gush
of life fluids when all the deceit
was revealed and all that never
was evaporated because
I never was that girl.


Poem inspired by the photo above on One Stop Poetry and shared on Poets United.

15 thoughts on “Step 1

  1. I’m reminded of how deception and life altering moments leave painful scars and memories that take forever to heal, if they even do. Thank you for sharing a powerful piece.


  2. The illusions we do build for ourselves…and the alcohol certainly helps there. Good prod at the falsehoods behind the drink, and behind a lot of the perceptions of life in general really – and there really is nothing worse than the moment we realize all those illusions are just that. Potent work, beautifully described.


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