Palms and Roses

Palms and Roses

A bird soars through clouds
sunshine and rain
It carries seeds of wonder
in its’ belly
its’ wings glisten with freedom
as it triumphantly settles in Oz


A few notes about the thoughts behind the poem.

When I was young I thought I’d be free when I became an adult and was out on my own. In my mind, being free was living on my own, making my own decisions and not having to consider anyone else. Freedom meant I didn’t have to obey anyone, that I could pick up and go somewhere whenever I wanted without asking anyone first. It meant I could go to places I’d never been, see things I’d never seen, experience feelings I’d never felt. The years have made me wiser and now I realize freedom is inside yourself and only you can make it real.

Posted for One Shot Wednesday.

10 thoughts on “Palms and Roses

  1. zouxzoux, a beautiful poem. And the writeup at the end is exactly how I used to look at life.
    I wanted my freedom, never realizing it was inside me the whole time.


    1. Dustus, I like to have my titles give a description of the poem or a clue to the story behind it rather than echo a part of the verse. Thanks for noticing!

      Thank you all for commenting and I really enjoyed reading your words as well.


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