NaPoWriMo Jitters

I’ve signed up to participate in NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) which begins April 1. I am terrified. I’m not a poet who can write on demand, poetic thoughts don’t flow out of my head into my fingers just. like. that. They just don’t. I actually don’t know what possessed me to sign up to write a poem every day for 30 days. I mean, I can write something every day but I won’t consider it poetry.

Well, one of two things will happen. Either I will write something every day and most of it will be mediocre or I will write maybe once or twice a week and it will be acceptable. I guess time will tell.

8 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Jitters

  1. zouxzoux, I hear what your saying, I am feeling uneasy about signing up, too. Last year seemed like it was the right thing to do, but now I am getting nervous. I write every day, be it good or bad:), most times it’s not very good.
    Did you know that Big Tent put up 7 prompts and will be doing that through April. I think it helps having some prompts to work from, they posted them this past Monday. You should go check them out. It gives us, a bit of a head start. Hope this is some helpful information for you. I’ll be seeing you on the napo circuit.



  2. I normally don’t write every day, but I’m looking forward to writing a poem a day in April. I did it last year and am planning to do so again. I’m nervous too, but also excited. I’m not happy with all the poems I wrote last year; some were definitely mediocre. But it was worth it for the sheer fun and the handful of poems that I thought were good. Prompts from Poetic Asides, Writer’s Island, and Big Tent Poetry should definitely help me. I hope you try it and have fun too.


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