4 for Friday: Spreading the Writer Luv ❤️

Remember in one of my recent posts I mentioned I planned to write a quarterly post of my favorite reads? The first one will post the first week of April so, yeah, I’ve been saving links from my reading and I can’t wait to share them.

Until then, I thought I’d share some writer goodness that’s happened the past week or so. There are so many wonderful things happening in the online writing community it’s hard to keep up!

My online friend of many years, Lucinda Kempe, was just notified she’s on the 2019 Pushcart Prize shortlist for her CNF, “I Became a Girl” in Elm Leaves Journal. Lucinda is a native New Orleanian, born and raised, but currently lives on Long Island. Her story, an anecdote from her childhood in New Orleans, is darkly funny and delightfully absorbing. If you’re a fan of Southern Literature you must read it!

Another friend, Meagan Lucas, has just had her debut novel, Song Birds and Stray Dogs, put into preorder status with Main Street Rag. I’ve already ordered and can not wait to read it! Here’s a synopsis of the story:

I know many of my readers also read Robert Okaji and are aware of his new book, I Have a Bird to Whistle. As a long-time reader and book holder of his I can guarantee this book is up to his excellent standards. You can purchase it here. Congrats, Robert!

Poet Heather Derr Smith has a Youtube channel where she reads poetry selections and it’s just beautiful listening. Poetry lovers, you must check it out. The readings aren’t long – a plus when you’ve only got a few minutes or you just don’t want to invest an extended amount of time. She reads from home and often with her beloved dogs by her side. It’s homey and comfortable and her reading voice is soft and peaceful. I love listening to her read. Her selections are wonderful, too. Listen to her here.

Before I close I want to remind y’all that Barren Magazine is always open for submissions. I’m particularly interested in essay and creative nonfiction, as the CNF Editor, so I want to invite anyone reading that writes this genre to submit. I know you’re out there!

I hope all y’all have a fun weekend. Here’s a random photo of my cat, Spot and dog, Sammy because…..yeah, you know. We love our furry babies!

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