Spring Drunk

My Japanese Plum Tree 2019

Japanese Plum Tree
drops globes of fiery comets
from above to earth

surprising cats and
humans bumbling in spring’s new
clothing, self-absorbed


Napowrimo Day 14

I was walking around my back yard this morning, admiring all the new green things popping up, when I got a craving for Haiku. Haiku is one of my favorite poetic forms although I rarely write it. Actually, I rarely read it. Hmmmm, I wonder why that is. Going forward I’m going to seek it out, read more, write more.

Do you have a favorite haiku poet or website? Please share!

13 thoughts on “Spring Drunk

  1. Lovely poem, Charlotte. But this is a loquat tree, very popular en China and Europe and the Middle East. Maybe another photo would be more appropriate to accompany your haiku? I really enjoy your work and blog. Best, Hedy hedyhabra.com

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    1. Yes, I know it as a loquat, also. I think it’s just locally that we call it Japanese plum. Probably one of those instances of confused botanicals! Thanks for reading!


  2. I like your poem. It doesn’t seem like haiku to me, at least not when read together. 🙂 I imagine that falling fruit would surprise both humans and cats!

    I don’t know what loquat is. I thought those were huge plums!

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  3. Haiku is so my go to when I can’t pull anything out of the air and am behind (like today but I’m not writing haiku today I don’t think…I think I’m just not writing). There’s something about the short, beautifully defined lines that makes it a good form for me to help me focus.

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