Conundrums: A Cento

I stood with you,
our nightgowns
flaring, the smell
of dying lilacs drifting.
First the air is blue

and then it is bluer
and then green
and then
love is tucked

under purple quilts,
sad conundrums,
under the dearth
of too much identity.
Desire is a tricky thing,

the boiling of the body’s wants,
I’ve been the one who has craved
and craved until I could not see,
asking for nothing.


Poet credits in order of appearance:

  • Dorianne Laux, “Under Stars”
  • Adrienne Rich, “Diving into the Wreck
  • Prageeta Sharma, “My Poem for My Stepdaughter”
  • Ada Limon, “Notes on the Below”

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