All the Days Come ‘Round

All I know of love and life has settled in my bones.

Days and years of trial and error, of doing my best
and worst, of getting out of bed then falling back in –

all the hours in between rode bareback in faith or
stupidity, all the what-ifs or how-longs leaned on hope.

Experience collects, filling my cracked cup. I hold it tight
between my finger bones. It is all that I know.

5 thoughts on “All the Days Come ‘Round

  1. Good words well said Charlotte. And, oh my, that image – so glad you used it as your header here. At that size it really comes alive. Yea, sometimes BIG is good. Keep reminding my partner not just to read/look at the email-posts, but go to the website itself and get the more engaging images. Even then I like to link to the full, larger raw image size. That’s your yard somewhere I assume. Like “home” pictures like that.

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