Every Day We Make a Choice

I’ve forsaken red,
it’s look-at-me bluster & narcissistic blasts
it makes my neck sweat with its
needling & finagling 

I’m plugging my ears on blue,
It’s holier-than-thou proselytizing & pitifying 
it makes my head ache with its
rules & rants, it’s only one path 

Give me peach jam sunrises & cool green choices,
rounds that roll, picking up & letting go, 
adapting & growing, heels that dig out not in,
overeating kindness, economizing kicks

I’m not officially doing NaPoWriMo because I have so much on my literary plate right now. But I took a look at Paul Brooks’ ekphrastic challenge today (here) and fell in love with “In the Emerald Sea (OVP2)-Superstition Review”, above, one of todays prompts. Thanks to Paul and the artist. (I’m sorry, I don’t know which artist this image belongs to.) Ah! I looked again and the artist is Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad.

Then I used a word generator to suggest a few words. They were economy, red, path, overeat, jam, sunrise.

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