Good Friday

Dirt under fingernails

flowing sweat


tiny seeds 

millions of possibilities 


a green resurrection

The NaPoWriMo website suggests a list poem for today. I’ve just been outside repotting and fertilizing plants. I plan to sew some flower seeds, as well. All my life I’ve heard you plant your garden on Good Friday to insure a bounteous crop. I don’t grow vegetables often but I have often planted ornamentals on Good Friday or, at least, tended to my plants. I did a google and found this interesting article about the folklore of Good Friday planting. Whether it’s true or not doesn’t really matter. The act of planting and nurturing is always a positive and hopeful thing.

5 thoughts on “Good Friday

  1. Thank you for your poem of hope and for the wonderful article! My wife and I live near Mobile (she spent her entire adult life there until she married me, a wandering pastor and retired wandering AF Chaplain!) and plan on retiring there.

    Have a blessed Easter and happy gardening!

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