The Solution

The Solution
after JaneHirshfield

You are working on a solution to cheat mortality,
encourage your stem cells to bloom & reseed.
Lycium Barbarum, Ginkgo Biloba, CoQ10
will remind cells to swim, to run, to procreate.
You roll them around your mouth, dispersing intentions
tonguing possibilities, chew on the solution. 

You rub fish oil in your hair, on your elbows 
and toes as the cat licks & licks an exfoliating massage,
dead skin flakes fall, dusty motes, pink rising like balloons.
Yoga clad Barbies wrinkle their noses in Trader Joe’s
as you consider which organic vegetables will yield
to the constraints of Social Security.

Will the solution be
beets or spinach, or eggs from free-range chickens, 
echoes of self-satisfied clucks dancing round
your head.
Almond milk, oat milk, or hemp milk?
Cows are out of fashion, too many farts.

The solution will make your stomach a stem cell factory
with plenty of bathroom breaks & relaxation rooms 
for procreation while the cat gives you side eye & sniffs
that fish was the solution all along.

The prompt word today in my Facebook NaPoWriMo group was “Mortality”. I’d recently read “The Problem” by Jane Hirshfield and got my inspiration from it.

5 thoughts on “The Solution

  1. OK, like sitting in one of those teen date-night Italian restaurants with all the cornucopia plastic grapes on the walls, like Disneyland. But you love it all just the way it is. (oh, out of breath) So so many lovely moments in your poem Charlotte. Not my ultimate, but maybe, “sniffs that fish was the solution all along.”

    Is it a token of old age that I like writing comments as much as poems?


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