Wrapped in Salty Air from The Gulf: A Cento

I am eating raw violets.
I am curious about the possessing,
in the having been possessed —
an old woman passes us on the ferry, 
sniffs us twice, You are in love, I smelled it!

we could lift into the air & become 
part of the indistinguishable wave of laughing gulls above
a lover’s hand composes the body it touches – 
Love, like water! 
How it gives and gives


Poet credits in order of appearance:

“Tonight As You Pace the Garden” by Alina Stefanescu

“Maidens Tower” by Tara Skurtu

“Looking for the Beautiful Things” by Joy Priest

Love, Like Water by Julia Copus

3 thoughts on “Wrapped in Salty Air from The Gulf: A Cento

  1. You made an interesting little beastie here Charlotte. I like, much. Not much fan of forms for forms sake, but Centos, I do like. And this is a stellar example. See me hanging on every word. I am.


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