You lied to me

under the stars 
& the summer was endless.
Oh lover, what a word, 
what a world, this gray waiting.
I kept your photo in a bottle of mezcal, 
touched my eyes until they blistered,
the dark liquid waking me up 
in a stolen cup, white sand in my mouth: 
nocturnal silt, gritty loam -
i(t all) ripened, gladdened, 
slackened, saddened and it happened 
the same way nothing happens, 
all of a sudden. 
Come back, you said, 
but to me your lips read, jump. 


With thanks to the following poets for their beautiful words in the creation of this Cento, in order of appearance:

Endless Summer by Nate Pritts 
Lover by Ada Limón
Saudade by Erika L. Sánchez
Göteborg by Eileen Myles 
Cross/Bite by Tiana Clark
Late Summer Ode by Olena Kalytiak Davis
calenture by Charlotte Boulay

5 thoughts on “You lied to me

  1. OMG, this is a Cento poem? You really got that thing to “work” for you, some fair heavy lifting I mean. Sneaky too, kinda crept up on me. the same way nothing happens/all of a sudden – Gosh. Don’t matter the origin, you used it in just the right way & place. Nice job Charlotte.

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