Louisiana LiteratureFlash Fiction/Prose Poetry hybrid, “Offset Melodies”

Still: The Journal Flash Essay, “Moon Sick”

TrampsetFlash Creative Nonfiction, “Smoke on the Midway”

Roi fainéant – Flash Fiction, “Revenge, Served Hot & Pink”


Flash FrontierFlash Creative Nonfiction, “Kicking the Bikinied Girls”

Soft Star Magazine – Poetry, “Bodies Craving Fusion” / Link to Issuu / Also available from Amazon

Love in the Time of COVID Chronicles – Creative Nonfiction, “How Red Velvet Cake & Potatoes Took Me to the 70s & Back”

Mythic Picnic – Micro Creative Nonfiction, winner in the Tweet-Tale contest Women jumping from the triangle factory fire”

Atticus Review – Creative Nonfiction Essay, “DÉJÀ RÊVÉ IN THE GULF”

Harpy Hybrid Review – Poetry & Photos, “Swoon Tryptic” & Additional Photography


Hobart After Dark – Flash Fiction, “Anything is Possible”

Flash FloodMicrofiction, “Ida is axing”

Micro Madness Competition, National Flash Flood NZ – Micro Fiction, “Wild Horses” Youtube link

Vimeo – Interview of Suzanne LaFetra Collier and myself by Rachel Laverdiere, “Musicality in Lyric Essays”

Mythic Picnic Tweet Story Project V8 – Microfiction, “Blue Sunday”

Anti-Heroin Chic Poetry, “Caught in the Cloudy Eye”, “Everything is Temporary”

JMWW– Flash Creative Nonfiction, “Extremities”

Twin Pies Lit – Flash Fiction, “Night Running”

New World Writing – Flash Fiction “Tell Me Why It Was Bad to Execute Myself”

Emerge Literary JournalPoetry, “Sleepwalking Season: A Cento”

Emerge Literary Journal Poetry, “Sunlight Bruises: A Cento

Paragraph Planet – Micro CNF “Tic”

Bending Genres Flash Fiction, “When Your Momma Leaves a Guardian Angel”

Five Minute Lit Micro Creative Nonfiction, “Flying”

PanoplyMicrofiction, “Those Dead Shrimp Blues”



Louisiana August 29: Katrina & Ida

Flash Frontier – Micro Creative Nonfiction with photograph – “Louisiana August 29: Katrina & Ida”

Still: The JournalFlash Fiction “Hot Cold & Blue” – Nominated and selected for the Best Small Fictions 2022 anthology

Fevers of the Mind – Three poems

The Ekphrastic Review Poem “Barometric Breakfast”

Hobo Camp ReviewPoem “Pine Trees and Kudzu”

Harpy Hybrid ReviewPoem “Us, on Any Given Day”, Photograph “Never Less Sweet”

Never Less Sweet

A-Minor MagazinePoem with Matt Dennison “Eleven Butchers Gloar”

Reckon ReviewCreative Nonfiction “Coke Bottle / A Burro’s Tale / Fried: A Small Town Triptych”

Emerge Literary JournalPoem “Mint”

Love in the Time of Covid ChronicleFlash Fiction “Water and Iron”

Fevers of the Mind 5: Overcome Anthology

Fevers of the Mind – Quick 9 Interview

Fevers of the Mind – 3 Poems “Holding On”, “Head Above Water”, “It is What it is”

Twin Pies LiteraryFlash Fiction “Four Levels of Infatuation”

Love in the Time of Covid Chronicles Essay “A Bittersweet Pilgrimage”

Fevers of the Mind2 Poems “Swaddling the Beast” – Nominated for Best of the Net 2021, and “Shelter in Place”

Anti-Heroin Chic – 2 Poems “Feeding a Loved One with Dementia”, “The Delta of Me”

New World WritingFlash Fiction “Zipped”

Cover Art, August 2019






  • Anthology: The Larger Geometry: Poems for Peace – “Day’s End”
  • An Interview with Sam Rasnake – MockingHeart Review
  • Barren Magazine, Issue 3 – 6 photographs
  • Eunoia Review – Poem “Me and Pearl”
  • Barren Magazine, Issue 2 – 2 Photographs
  • Dime Show Review – Poem “Descending Lydia” – Also available in print, Volume 3 Issue 1, from Amazon
  • Mojave Heart Review – A tryptich of poems and photographs.
  • Flash Frontier – Featured Writer and Illustrative photographs.
  • Olentangy Review–  Poem “A Conversation”, Cover Photo “Magnolia Pod”
  • Red Fez – Poem “Lemons”
  • Writing in a Woman’s Voice  – Poem “Store Manager 1980”
  • Isacoustic* – Three poems
  • Eunoia Review – Poem “Keratin”



    7 thoughts on “Publications

    1. Hello,

      I hope this message finds you well. I have enjoyed reading the blog ever since I stumbled upon it some months ago.

      To quickly introduce myself: I live and work in Antigua, Guatemala. Here I am the director of an educational development organization called Nuestros Ahijados. Through schools, clinics, sustainable micro-financing programs, social work, anti-human trafficking efforts, and other programs; we work to “break the chains of poverty through education and formation” for our 12,000 dependents. All of this work will be featured on ABC news 20/20 for Diane Sawyer’s Dec. 17th special on global health.

      This spring, my first book of poetry, iPoems for the Dolphins to Click Home About, was released. The book comprises poems written mostly in the last three years, some of which was spent hitchhiking from Southern Chile to Alaska.

      Living and volunteering in Central America makes it very difficult to promote a poetry book in the conventional ways of readings, book signings etc. So, what I am doing is simply sending copies of my book to the poetry blogs that I enjoy reading. Hoping that, if you like that book, you would consider writing a review on it, or featuring it in some way on your website.

      To this end, I am able to send a PDF version of the book via email, or an physical copy through the mail if you would like one.

      It was recently featured on the following blog whose writer provided a very kind review of the book that I think gives a good sense of what the book is about:

      I appreciate the opportunity of your time and consideration of this.


      Luke Maguire Armstrong
      Director de Programas
      Asociación Nuestros Ahijados
      Carretera a San Felipe #106, Antigua Guatemala
      Tel.: (502) 7832-4670 Fax:(502) 7832-4679

      PS, here is a quick bio of my writing credentials.

      As a writer my poetry, fiction and non-fiction has been published in scores of magazines including, Outside, Perspective Travel, Foliate Oak, Long Story Short, The Sheltered Poet, Intrepid Travel, and CNN Traveler, among others. My just finished novel, How One Guitar Will Save The World, will soon be looking for an agent. I am a contributing editor for This fall our book, The Expeditioner’s Guide to the World will be released. My first book of poetry iPoems for the Dolphins to Click Home About, was published March of this year.


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