Toxic Karma

The prompts for today’s Three Word Wednesday are karma ~ obey ~ wither. Toxic Karma When a spirit is smothered throughout a lifetime, the heart turns to stone the soul withers and the body becomes an abandoned decayed shell devoid of  light Some will say this is karma, that Moirai did not look kindly upon this soul at birth, this life of sorrow, measured by moments of fear, intimidation and hopelessness, together at birth they spun, measured and cut a toxic karma  for a soul who believes that to obey is the only hope for evolution, while he waits in … Continue reading Toxic Karma


Today’s prompts at Three Word Wednesday are Dreary Embrace Timid water rigid skyscrapers protrude into flocculent storm clouds lying low over the city in a dreary embrace of opposing greys   the first timid drops are miniscule explosions, raising an areola of steam into the air producing that distinctive smell   that rain creates when wetting dry earth and concrete that’s lain in the summer sun too long without moisture   as the storm builds our bodies entwine, the sweat from your brow falling on my breast on my stomach, on my thighs   the stone that i have been … Continue reading water


Today’s prompts at Three Word Wednesday are Efficient Optimize Treacherous duplicity she walks over treacherous waters dark and deep as the demon wind whips her body with efficient, immoral intent but her balance is sure and her journey a calling eyes, heart and mind are focused to optimize her crossing through the banshee wind with truth as her ally and perseverence her confidant she will reach the shore of the rising pure sun and she will be vindicated Continue reading Duplicity