I Was Bookjacked by Lidia Yuknavitch

My WIT Month reading has gotten off to a shaky start. I was about a fourth of the way through Aimez – Vous Brahms when Lidia Yuknavitch, author of The Chronology of Water (not a translated book) bookjacked me. Really. Once I began reading TCoW there was no looking back, there was no reading anything else, there was practically no other activity out of me other than reading that book. It all began with an essay I read in Guernica by Lidia which I wildly loved and propelled me to finally read this book, her memoir, which had been on … Continue reading I Was Bookjacked by Lidia Yuknavitch

A Spiritual Matter

Grey was the color of her eyes. Soft as the feathers of a mourning dove, mysterious as the fog rolling over the river, encircled with lashes deep as the midnight sky. Eyes that watched every movement, gauged every nuance, that never let a thing get by. Thoughtful eyes, questioning eyes, eyes that never shed a public tear up until the day they were closed forever. ______________________________ Terrytown child’s death is ruled a homicide; father arrested. Continue reading A Spiritual Matter