Desire flows, a natural watercourse moving towards an ocean, a lake, a sea of felicity. Its channels erode wider rather than deeper, becoming more expansive with time, flowing more freely more languidly more mindfully. Aqueous immersion. ___________________ Written from prompt for day 12, I replaced the word “river” with “desire”, although there isn’t much left of googled sentences contaning the word “river” in this.   Continue reading Estuary

Avārus Covetous

I used to worry that you might die and I’d never know, that one day your face would be clean-shaven and you’d wear your shiny black shoes again a blue heron flew overhead as the taste of our lips together faded from our collective memory as surely as the moon fades with the sunrise. we threw the scarlet letters away, they rest on the bottom of the bayou, relics of times passed. _______________________ Shared on dVerse Poets Pub. Continue reading Avārus Covetous