NaPoWriMo  8/30: Stir the Roux

Stir the Roux When we’ve finished, I’ll turn off the quiet with the music of pot and spoon, metal on metal as flesh on flesh. Stir the roux. Whole peppers, onions, celery stalks I’ll chop into bits of Holy Trinity, the colors of contentment. Stir the Roux. You will be in that space between awareness and drift, the salt of your sweat settling into your skin. Stir the roux. As the gumbo simmers, we’ll watch the earth absorb the sun and the stars will mirror our eyes. Stir the roux. *** Prompt via Write a poem using repetition. I … Continue reading NaPoWriMo  8/30: Stir the Roux

Greek Revival

Today’s prompts at Three Word Wednesday are Decay~ Graceful ~Riot Greek Revival We made love in the living room lying in front of the fireplace on my grandmother’s quilt  The air smelled of sweet decay, an aura surrounding us of genteel  ladies taking tea in another time their  legs pressed gracefully together chastely hidden And I in this time freely spread my legs akimbo for you. A tribute to those genteel ladies for whom such a riot of  decadent sexual freedom was only a dream Continue reading Greek Revival


Bones’ writing prompts for today’s 3 Word Wednesday are “Deny~Smile~Uncomfortable”. This one came easily to me today since I had been mulling some thoughts in my mind the last couple of days and the prompts fit in nicely. Thanks, Bone. ~~~ cycles some days i’m happy and i don’t give a fuck and it’s easy to deny some days i’m bitchy and i ooz venom and i’m uncomfortable in my bones, in my skin, in my rage some days i’m dreamy and peaceful then i see you in my mind’s eye the way it used to be and i smile … Continue reading cycles

spontaneous combustion

cruising the streets she hides her eyes behind Jacki O. sunshades her destination is waiting with the flick of a match and a lazy smile sunspots on the glass flicker her eyes now blurred but still searching for the whisp of grey smoke that is the signal of a fire that’s smoldering, she steps from the car (she is the spark) and into his arms, (he is the flame) and they are spontaneous combustion in a searing white ball of fire and they say it is illegal to burn in the city heh Today’s poem inspired by 3 Word Wednesday. … Continue reading spontaneous combustion


changeling as we lay in a tangle of sheets,arms,legs, blonde hair and black panting through the waves of our after-lust i understood with a finality beyond reason that lust has morphed into love into lust into love into lust yet again and never-ending this is the pattern of my life with you neither money nor honor nor bleeding hearts can keep me from you now ~~~ Inspired by Three Word Wednesday. This week’s prompts: Money, Tangled, Understood Continue reading changeling