The Roach In My Bathroom

A roach has been dying on my bathroom floor for two days. Lying on it’s back with it’s underbelly exposed I imagine it feels vulnerable as it waves it’s legs about in an effort to overturn itself. I think a couple of its legs are missing or  maybe only one. I haven’t counted them but it looks like there are less on one side than the other. Sometimes when I go in there the roach is completely still and I think it’s dead but then it’s as if I’ve awakened it because the antenna begin waving around as if it’s … Continue reading The Roach In My Bathroom

NaBloPoMo: Hurricane Sandy

On a whim and at the last minute I’ve decided to attempt NaBloPoMo. Why? I have no idea, really. I say, why not? All I can do is try but, trust me, if I don’t accomplish this goal I won’t beat myself up over it. A goal does not have to be achieved to be of value; the attempt and the process is what’s key. I began blogging seven years ago this month. My first blog was named “Traveling Mermaid” and I began it as a direct result of living in post-Katrina New Orleans. I had never heard of a … Continue reading NaBloPoMo: Hurricane Sandy