spatter your mouth spews forth verbiage like a hacksaw tearing through ancient pulp. sonofabitch’s and goddammit’s fly through the air swift as buckshot slamming into the wall, so many bits of lubricious life force cracking like eggshells pecked by thieving crows. your zealous display detonates like red bursting veins and eyeballs popping, provoking frosted looks in the urbane and wide eyes of panic in the timorous. You are oblivious to the stir you’ve created, being so into your life is drama/drama is life – not that you’d care anyway. As for me, well, milquetoast has never held any fascination for … Continue reading spatter


Photo by Infrogmation Varmint Someone stole Uncle Lionel’s bass drum. It was resting in the courtyard of a bar on Frenchman Street next to a palmetto palm under the moonlight . Uncle Lionel was inside slaking his thirst with a cold draft Dixie bought with tips from anonymous tourists and devoted locals. The word went out in the humid New Orleans night, wafting from bar to bar on the notes of wailing saxophones and indignant trumpets. Someone stole Uncle Lionel’s bass drum. The news hit the streets and ran on a second line of lightening, traveling on the dancing feet … Continue reading Varmint

Ten o’Clock

Ten o’Clock She shouldered the weight of her responsibilities by day with proficient hands and simple faith, treading lightly over stones immoveable, through fields of sugar cane, sweet but unyielding, skirting swamps of quick sand waiting to suck her into herself should seeds of regret find fertile soil. Her days were like this, bequeathed to others, but the night…. The night was hers to covet within a tub of steamy froth, the earthy scent of tea olive soap on a sea sponge harvested from the Gulf, lather from neck to breast, from breast to thigh, from thigh to toe. Vapor … Continue reading Ten o’Clock

Intent Interrupted

Walk softly in bare feet into the cool twilight of native woods on a plush carpet of pine needles and oak leaves worn soft by the rains of early spring and the aeration of earthworms performing their life’s work. Breeze blows gently, caressing the gauzy branches of trees whose chartreuse leaves quiver in anticipation of secrets shared and secrets yet to come. A destination that has no path, only instinct and memory’s guidance of a sharp right past the blackberry patch, the berries hanging heavy and succulent on the brambles, then a gentle left at the sweet gum tree with … Continue reading Intent Interrupted

Chance Encounter

Read Write Prompt #99: Setting the Scene This week Andre challenges us to “write a poem that tells a narrowly focused story — a “scene” — without telling the story. Instead, convey the essence of the scene through your description of the world in which it takes place and the “characters” (who don’t have to be human or even “alive”) that inhabit it”. Here’s my narrative of a few moments that take place within a much larger and longer story. Chance Encounter suddenly, from the corner of her eye she saw him at the end of the hallway trying to … Continue reading Chance Encounter


The ReadWritePoem #97 prompt is to use the “cut up” technique, that is to cut words or phrases from a text and transform them into a poem. I didn’t literally “cut out each word, drop the words into a container, shake the container vigorously, then write down each word as you draw it from the container” as suggested but, instead, cut and pasted phrases from NoLA Rising’s Facebook Information Page, a local non-profit I support, to recreate their creed into my poetic interpretation. Text is as follows: NoLA Rising is a non-profit art campaign that promotes accessibility to art regardless … Continue reading ReX

Those Damn Kids

This prompt on ReadWritePoem challenged us to write a poem comprised of any or all of a set of words taken from email spam.  I wrote the words randomly on a sheet of paper, began  putting them together by two’s (kinda like a puzzle) and the poem ended up writing  itself. This was really fun and I ended up using all 15 words of the prompt and only 9 others. Those Damn Kids Insolent progeny exploded language into a vehement croak with vowelized chelations, exulting cosmoramic & irresistable. Alas, their investment beget a thrasher of a capricious reprobate. Continue reading Those Damn Kids

solar plexis

Photo by Thomas Hawk Read Write Poem prompt #94’s challenge is to create a piece based on the above photo. We were also asked to leave a reflection or idea in the comment section of what the photo might signify to us. This was my comment: I’m intrigued by the dark spot on the solar plexis of the vague white figure. The solar plexis chakra signifies psychic intuition or a sense of “knowing”. The fact that the spot is black instead of yellow might indicate the red figure – which is sharply focused – is attempting to “bleed” or suck … Continue reading solar plexis