I remember your nimble fingers in the morning tickling down  my piano key spine from the straightness of my neck to the roundness of my derrière as the light of a new-born day dappled gold across our love worn bed. I remember your nimble fingers in the late afternoon following the S-curve of my sated body from bottom of hip to top of breast, your warmth spooned against mine, your breath whispering on my cheek, we didn’t budge for hours in our world of us. I remember your nimble fingers in the sweet stillness of night following the arch of … Continue reading Ambidextrous

Delaronde Street

The prompts for yesterday’s Three Word Wednesday were Fracture~Noise~Vanish This week I’ve also submitted this poem to readwritepoem where the prompt was to write something inspired by a news headline. My poem is inspired by a headline from the online site for WWOZ, my favorite local radio station. delaronde street by late august we’ve become accustomed to the noise of the locusts singing their mating song of  hope the calls rise and fall in tandem with the breeze  that blows over our bodies as we lie together in the hammock the gnarly  limbs of an ancient oak like a cradle … Continue reading Delaronde Street