Napowrimo 20/30: Counting Time

Counting Time There aren’t enough hours in a day to rescue a moth trapped indoors to count the magnolias on the tree to watch the cat meander down the fence line to make a cake from scratch to polish my silver baby spoon to fill the pots and plant the seeds to mend the tattered quilt to call a friend to soak in bath salts to find the Big Dipper to lie down with a quiet mind. *** Continue reading Napowrimo 20/30: Counting Time

Tiny Miracle

Tiny Miracle You named her Sarah. She lived in the window of my teen-aged bedroom in a macrame hanger I made myself. She was so exotic, so otherworldly, so stunning in the Mississippi sunlight. In my twenties, she made the trip to New Orleans in the back of my orange Datsun, carefully cushioned for minimum damage, where she lived for many more years on the back patio until the many deluges and unrelenting humidity finally did her in. That, and my benign neglect. I’ve missed her all these years but I couldn’t buy another Sarah. It wouldn’t be the same. … Continue reading Tiny Miracle